Our innovation. Your product.

As a CDMO embedded within Cosette Pharmaceuticals, we’ve experienced many of the challenges you face and walked the same paths to overcome them.

Since our inception as a specialty pharmaceutical organization we’ve been innovating every day. In 2018, we formed our CDMO business, giving you access to specialist development and manufacturing know-how and cutting-edge capabilities to help you succeed.

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    A strong partnership for semi-solid supply.

    We’re a stable business that can provide you with a strong partnership. We understand the importance of reliable supply and use our experience to troubleshoot potential issues and mitigate them before they occur.

    Our operational excellence and years of procurement experience ensure your project stays one step ahead.

    From R&D to commercialization, we help advance your product to patients with every step, because we’ve walked that path many times before.

    Shared expectations.

    We’ve been in your shoes and share your expectations as your project progresses at each stage.

    Embedded in a pharma company, we have a unique proximity to patients. This means we place patients at the forefront of your product’s development, helping to drive more impactful outcomes.

    Working with Cosette CDMO, you can expect:
    • Reliable delivery, on time and in full.
    • Your IP remains protected. Your product is prioritized. Because our business and yours depend on it.
    • A dedicated project manager to propel your product forward.
    • Patients remain at the forefront of development decisions.

    Specialists in suspensions and suppositories.

    As well as semi-solids and liquids, our strengths lie in oral suspensions and suppositories. As one of the largest manufacturers of suppositories in the US, you can lean on our specialist expertise to support the development and manufacturing of your product.

    Dosage form capabilities:
    • Creams, gels and ointments
    • Lotions and shampoos
    • Oral liquids (solutions and suspensions)
    • Suppositories

    Capabilities include:

    • Manufacturing
    • Packaging
    • Finished product releasing
    • Microbial testing
    • Product development
    • Raw materials testing
    • Scale-up
    • Serialization/aggregation
    • Stability programs
    • Technical transfer

    Our commitment to quality.

    Our solid track record of compliance and success in commercializing drug products speaks for itself. With a dedicated quality department overseeing your project, we ensure every aspect of your product meets the highest industry standards.

    You’ll benefit from a partner with:
    • A stellar cGMP and regulatory compliance track record
    • A strong working relationship with the FDA
    • A DEA-controlled substance license

    Our facilities.

    Both successfully inspected by the FDA in 2023, our US facilities meet the highest industry standards
    and are designed to help bring your innovative solutions for liquid, semi-solid and suppository
    treatments to market faster.

    South Plainfield, NJ.

    Our state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) center spans 20k sq. ft. and has over 50 experts dedicated to furthering the development of your oral and topical liquids, semi-solids and suppositories.

    We help turn your product vision into a reality, providing expert product development and analytical services throughout your R&D project.

    From this site, we can perform:

    • Method development, verification and validation
    • Technical transfer to our manufacturing facility
    • In Vitro BE (Q3/IVRT/IVPT) studies
    • Reverse engineering
    • Method remediation
    • Stability studies
    • Clinical project management

    Lincolnton, NC.

    Spanning 12 acres, our expansive 150k+ sq. ft. commercial manufacturing facility has driven pharmaceutical excellence since 1989.

    With a dynamic team of 250+ dedicated experts, we specialize in a diverse range of drug dosage forms from fill to finish, including:

    • Creams, gels and ointments
    • Lotions and shampoos
    • Oral liquids (solutions and suspensions)
    • Suppositories